5 Tips For Hoteliers To Target the Millennials

  1. Optimize online booking platforms –

Rule number one, when it comes to targetting the millennial population, it is key to keep your online platforms up and running as most of your sales will be from these platforms. So ensure your hotel has actively managed social media presence on all the popular platforms. This is a crucial element in targeting millennials due to their tech-savvy nature.

  1. Cash in on their price-Savviness –


The Millennials’ are high earners and high spenders. However, they do not usually spend on this that are priced high. They always look for the best deals in anything they are spending their money on. Traveling expenses, in particular, can usually amount to a lot so it is essential for them to find your hotel to be a better deal than the others.

  1. Target the Solo Travellers and the Backpackers –

Much unlike the previous generation, the millennials are completely buying the concept of soul finding through travel. So there are a large number of millennials who are embarking on this journey of self-discovery by engaging in a solo travel experience. Statistically, the percentage of solo travelers amongst millennials has gone up to 37%. You can win over this segment of travelers by designing personalized travel packages for this purpose. You can include some perks such as a personalized spa session, a communal area to get to know other solo travelers, and focusing on what is unique about your hotel such as location, history or local cuisine.

  1. Strengthen your CRM –

Millennials are all for sharing of little bits and pieces of their lives. Sharing experiences is their favorite pass time as you can guess from their larger than life social media presence. So cash in on that and get them to promote your hotel by keeping touch with them post their stay as a form of after-sales services. This will help strengthen your customer relationship management and also increase goodwill. For this, you are required to be enormously reception on various social media platforms in terms of answering their queries and dealing with their concerns and complaints.

  1. Make your hotel space Instagram worthy – 

As we’ve discussed before, social media platforms are the next in-thing, and regarding sharing experiences, Instagram is the best social media platform. Instagram as most millennials would say is an aesthetic. Everything that people post on Instagram is supposed to have a certain, unlike other random social media platforms. So it is essential to ensure you’ve designed your hotel to meet these aesthetic expectations of the present generation. It should be something they would want to share on this platform for the world to see. So make it worth that experience.